Hello, Fellow Writeblrs!


This was, for the longest time, my side-blog, specifically for the spammage [totally a word, by the way] of random pictures and texts I liked. I had a separate writeblr because I felt it needed to be disconnected from my main one. Recently, I decided “screw that” and united them as one. So, expect to see All the Things here, from writing to cat pictures [and squirrels and penguins and red pandas and ravens and all things spooky and otherwise awesome].

I have a variety of self-published urban fantasy / paranormal young adult novels already available on all ebook retailers [for more information, go here], and a page about my WIPS here.

If you are also a writeblr, please like this and / or reblog it so I can find more blogs like mine! I’d like to become a part of the community and felt like this might be the best way to do so. Plus, I need more fellow writers to follow! I love reading excerpts from the ones I do follow now, as well as participating in sending and answering asks :] 

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