Got given some Star Trek Top Trumps (sorry for the grainy photos… I took them on my iPad).  Top Trumps, in case you didn’t know, is a game in which you share out all these cards between two or more people, then someone reads out one of the stats from the card on top of their deck and whoever has the highest number wins the top cards from everybody.  The winner is whoever ends up with the entire deck.  It’s quite simple really.

Now, in this case, I have no idea what the process was or what criteria they used to determine some of these stats, but the photo to the right is the TNG crew in order of the amount of theat they pose to the universe, apparently.  Worf is the biggest threat, allegedly, while William Riker is considered less threatening than Data’s cat.  And both Troi and Wesley Crusher are considered a greater threat than Data, Geordi and Riker combined (and indeed all of the Captain’s apart from Picard).  Unfortunately there’s no Beverly or Tasha.

Worf also the highest cunning of all the TNG crew, which… I don’t know.  If I had to choose words to describe Worf’s character ‘cunning’ probably wouldn’t be up there.  He tends to be quite direct in his dealings.  Maybe he has cunning as a tactical officer… I don’t know.

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