Fake Lego From Poundland

Recently (as in, this past year), my nephew has for some reason become obsessed with Poundland, which is a shop in the UK where everything costs £1 (there are probably equivalents in other countries, like I believe there’s a store called Dollar Tree or something in the US).  Sometimes you actually get good stuff in there, like actual brand name USB or HDMI cables.  But often you find really awful badly painted and put together toys, and that’s me and nephew go in there to buy.  And the people who work there look at us and think ‘great – more bloody Ashens fans).  And they are correct of course.

I wanted to get into making Lego though, but first as I was there I picked up some knock off Lego stuff.  Here they are:

Desert Storm was the first one I built, so let’s take a look at the mighty battle tank:

Yeah… I must admit I felt a little lied to by the box.  That’s a baby tank, or armored dodem car or whatever the hell it’s meant to be.  The space ship was at least was a little better:

The figures are terrible though – those forearm pieces go flying if you apply any pressure to them, making posing difficult.  And as you can see the left arm of Space Stig here has just broke off altogether.  But if you just want some extra bricks then you can’t really complain for the price.  I put both sets together and made this:

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