Dreams – The Time Machine

People usually only talk about their dreams when they have nothing else to talk about.  This is probably why:…

Okay, so, I dreamt I invented a time machine.  Amazing, right?  The endless possibilities… I could kill Hitler, sure, or go back and spark an industrial revolution in ancient Greece so by our time humanity will have already colonized the solar system.  I could do all that, sure… but I had another purpose in mind… something that’ll blow you all away.

Oh yeah – I was travelling back in time to visit stores in order to make a collection of all the Pepsi and Coca-Cola from different eras so I could have a collection lined up on my shelf back in the present.  Yup – I’ll be the envy of the world for sure.

I tried to look up what it could mean in a Dream Dictionary belonging to my sister in law.  From that, it seems most dreams have to do with what kind of man I’m going to marry, but no entry for pepsi, or even time travel.

I figure it probably had something to do with me watching Back to the Future.

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