Neil Gaiman’s newest book.

Some years ago, on a stage in a university in China, I watched the audience shout at the translator, who shouted back at them, when I talked about American Gods. After the talk was done, I learned that the translator was convinced that I could not have said American Gods and had to have been talking about American Dogs. The audience, who were familiar with my book and many of whom spoke English, disagreed. The translator told them he knew what he was talking about, and continued to translate the book as American Dogs for the rest of my talk.

I thought there must surely be an actual book simply titled American Dogs, but I haven’t found it yet on Amazon US or UK.  So there’s a gap in the market there if anyone wants to take it.

It’s about a dog named Shadow, who lives together with his family and
their new dog, Chance, and a cat named Sassy.  One day, the family has
to temporarily relocate because, and leave their pets in the care of a
friend.  However due to some misunderstanding the family leaves the pets
alone for a day and they fear they’ve been abandoned.  They therefore
resolve to travel across the country to return home.

Hijinks and
adventure ensue, and after many strange encounters and narrow escapes,
Shadow discovers that Chance is in fact the reincarnation of Garm,
guardian of Helheim, and is secretly on a mission to do battle with other mythological animals and godly pets…

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