What Fyr Doesn’t Know Can’t Hurt Him (Pt. 6)

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This project is 100% to distract me so that I don’t feel too tempted to start editing MotU before I’ve given it enough time to settle.

Enjoy the encounters with Blithe that Fyr cannot remember and therefore will probably not be included in the actual book! (This happens when Fyr is somewhere in his early teens, a handful of years before MotU starts.)

There’s probably going to be an even 10 parts, advanced warning.

Fyr sat at the window in the small room that he had been confined to, feet propped on the sill and the rest of his body slumped forward over his knees. He held his arm awkwardly to one side, like he didn’t want it touching him–like it wasn’t a part of him anymore. 

Blithe could still see the distinct ridge of his spine through the shirt and make out his ribs at certain angles, but in the month and a half that it took Sera to fabricate the hand, he had put on enough weight to look like he was one of the living. He was fortunate that the boy hadn’t tried to kill himself again. Some days, it really felt like he would.

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