King Daddy just wants to fuck his daughter-in-law without his son getting pissy. Pretty sure the whole kingdom can see it. Sly motherfucking XD

I get that part but why is he sending Athelstan’s precious spawn on a dangerous journey? Does he hope Alfred will become super pious and thus more athestany if he exposes him to enough church stuff?

I suppose clergy were the most educated people around then, inparticular monks and nuns whose jobs were to copy ancient greek and roman texts which Ecbert is quite keen on.

But Alfred wouldn’t have to go to Rome to learn that. It’s a really dangerous journey, especially considering how the vikings are pillaging France. Also Aethelwulf probably hates Alfred and while I don’t think he’d kill him he’d probably not risk his life to save him either. So I’m wondering why Ecbert would risk his beloved Athelstan’s child. Surely he could think of another excuse to send Aethelwulf away.

All I can think of is that he wants Alfred to be as well educated as can be, so is trying to get him interested in these matters early.  But you’re right, he wouldn’t have to send him all the way to Rome for that.  I think the kids is supposed to be Alfred the Great, who supposedly did travel to Rome as a boy, although I don’t know why in that case either, and historically Alfred was the fourth son, I think, of Aethelwulf, not that I expect a show to adhere strictly to any of that.  I think Alfred also spent time in the French court when he little, so maybe it’s just been contrived to have them in Paris when the Vikings attack.

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