Character Questions – Family & Childhood


Characters from my WIP answering some questions:

1. Where did you grow up?

Sayuri: Irongate.
It’s an old mining town that was built around a steel mill. The mines dried up
and now it’s mostly technology companies. There are a few guides available in
my store – you’ll want to read about the Pretty Intellectuals Coven that
everyone in town feared a couple hundred years ago. And it’s all for sale.

2. How would you describe your family?

Tenley: Dead.
Next question.
Sayuri: Ohh… you
poor little thing…
Tenley: Hug me
and you’ll join them.

3. Did you have a happy childhood?

Jennifer: I
Kaya: Remember
that time you tried to make some angel wings and your dad had to get you down
from the roof before you could test them?
Jennifer: Those
would have worked.

4. Would you call your upbringing ‘conventional’?

Tenley: Mother
used to tie bricks to my feet and make me run obstacle courses. That was weird.
Kaya: Your mom
sounds scary…
Tenley: Shut up!
You don’t get to talk about my mom!

5. Are your parents alive? What kind of relationship do you have with

Jennifer: I don’t
know if they’re alive… but, probably not.
Sayuri: We argue
sometimes, but we get along.
Kaya: I wish my
dad was dead. He’s a jerk.
Sayuri: You don’t
mean that.

6. If you have siblings, are you close? If you’re an only child, how do
you think that has affected you?

Kaya: No, I think
we all grew up on our own.
Jennifer: Well,
we have each other.
Tenley: I’m going
to throw up.

7. If you don’t already, would you like children of your own some day?

Tenley: No way.
Have you spoken to children? They’re idiots. They don’t know anything about
anything and they laugh at dumb stuff like farts and poop.
Kaya: To be fair,
those things are really funny.

8. Of all your memories, which stands out most clearly?

Tenley: The night
my mother was murdered…
Jennifer: When my
parents didn’t come home…
Kaya: Dolphins chasing
me by using puddles as portals. Drugs, kids – I recommend them.

9. As a child, what were you most likely to be found doing?

Jennifer: Oh,
reading, exploring, building a space capsule.
Kaya: Playing
guitar or following Jennifer.
Tenley: Answering
stupid questions.

10. When you were young, what did you dream your future would look

Jennifer: I
suppose I wanted to explore and have adventures…
Sayuri: I wanted
to be CEO of a company and have a huge desk and one of those buzzy things that
lets me order people around. I still want that.

11. What kind of education did you receive?

Jennifer: I’ve
done several degrees online, including one in thaumaturgy.
Kaya: Now me, I
went to the College of Life. I graduated The School of Hard Knocks and mastered
in petty thievery. Unlike my dad though, I flunked the courses in blaming students
and minorities for all your problems.

12. What did you want to be when you grew up?

Kaya: Rock star.
Sayuri: Rich.
Tenley: I don’t care.
Whatever I do I’ll be perfect at it, so…

These questions are from 101 Character Questions (I often google random questions for myself or my characters. It’s become a bit of a hobby). I don’t know if I’ll put the peanut gallery through all 101 though.

But obviously feel free to use any of the resources I link to yourselves (and let me know if you do!)

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