Everyone always tells me I write long chapters lol overwriter problems 

My chapters are usually around 5k words. No shorter than 3k and no longer than 7k max.  They’re usually 1-3 scenes that 1.5-2.5k words long.

so i’m curious: how long are your chapters? how do you structure them? do you even use chapters? are you so avant-garde you have transcended this mortal plane?  

Mine are usually 2K-6K, but I underwrite for drafts, so they’re probably going to end up around that!

I virtually never divide first drafts into chapters and I’d like to break that habit because doing it after the fact is a bigger pain than it needs to be

Mine are the same length as yours @nicholewrites. Personally, I much refer to read chapters of that length too. When chapters are continuously shorter than 2k words, it’s almost always because they don’t have the driving force of a character who wants something difficult to achieve.

Some of my chapter are very long at the moment. That’s because when I started my current WIP I basically just came up with thirteen headings, like episode titles I suppose, and everything was divided up into that. The original version was about 69k in total, but with the newest draft I’m taking away in some places, but also adding lots of scenes elsewhere. I’m considering dividing them up more.

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