• Lilian & Ella
      Name(s): Lilian & Ella Roles: Henchwomen Age(s): Unknown Likes: Titania – both are fanatically loyal to their ‘Queen’. Dislikes: Anything that dares threaten their Queen, or that she just expresses displeasure with. Ella also really doesn’t like Tenley much – she might be afraid the new girl will take her position as ‘favorite’. These … Read more
  • Titania
      Name: Titania Roles: Queen of the Forest Age: Unknown Likes: Children, flowers, animals. Dislikes: Disobedient children, flowers, animals. Little is known about her, but she’s been dwelling in the forest for some time, along with her ‘children’ – humans who have been altered after been infected with her cells. She calls them Changelings – … Read more
  • Irongate – Chapter One: Boys and Girls Come Out to Play Many fairy tales begin with a child. Broken, orphaned, rejected, then found by a seemingly magic being that will grant them any wish. Many fairy tales, and this is no exception. Dreams become reality, but there is usually a price, terms, conditions. And dreams can be twisted into nightmares. This is a fairy tale, … Read more
  • Tenley Tych
    Name: Tenley Tych Roles: Angry Tween Age: 11 (claims to be almost 12) Likes: Dinosaurs, Books, Martial Arts, Isea Little (her favorite one-eyed doll from when she was littler), Ice Cream Dislikes: Adults, children, cooking shows, maths, double-barreled surnames, surnames, monarchy, musicals, democracy, pink, superheroes, fairy tales, orange, clerks, drivers, walkers, punks, Grant Gustin, joggers, … Read more
  • Pythia
    Name: Pythia Roles: Oracle, Narrator Age: ? Likes: N/A Dislikes: N/A Pythia is an artificial intelligence created by Meridiem. Originally her purpose was to be fed data on history, meteorology, politics, and use it to construct models to predict rises and falls in share prices. However, her designers have gone on adding to and upgrading … Read more
  • Irongate: Chapter 01 Preview I've begun working on a motion comic/visual novel of my original fiction, Irongate – a sci-fi/fantasy/mystery you can learn a little more about here. This is just the first couple of minutes. More will come soon. Of course I am still writing it as an actual novel as well, putting the finishing touches on … Read more
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    ava-burton-writing:i hate how having a fucking frame for my avatar makes me feel accomplished
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    coutelier: It’s Easter, which means I’m not going to be around most of the day. Still, have a pic of my OC’s Jennifer Airhart and Tenley Tych. Tenley’s not really getting into the spirit of things, being grumpy about having to wear those ears (even though those ears Jen made have built-in wi-fi, radio, … Read more
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    coutelier:I have literally spent hours browsing the internet for tips on how to stay focused while writing.