Advent 2016 – Day 1

Sometimes you look at the world and you think, ‘this is it.  The human race has peaked and now we’re all just whittling away our time on trivial, useless BS waiting for the asteroid to come and finish us.’  When I start to think like that, I just play with LEGO bricks and suddenly I’m cheerful about life again.

So this year, I got a LEGO City Advent Calendar to count down the days
until the inevitably disappointing Christmas when I’ll just get socks
and other stuff that’s useful but that I don’t really want.  Hopefully
this will send the message that what I really want is more LEGO:


(I won’t show the cover it shows eveything you get, and I don’t want to ruin the surprise for people.  Although if you’re a betting person, you should probably bet on most of the doors containing LEGO).

Now, it did arrive a few days late so I’ll have to rush through the first week.  So here was Day 1:


A Snowman!  And a Snow Friend… awww.  I should possibly have given the fire helmet to the one with limbs, although naturally I don’t think either of them would really be much use at fighting fires.

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