Abandoned Stories

Unfortunately I don’t really have much left of the stories I wrote when I was a child, but I’ll try to remember as best as I can. The stories I wrote when I was little mostly would have just reflected whatever I was most interested in at the time.

I’ve always liked space opera so always wrote quite a few. No plot to them really – just some mad scientists bumming around in a spaceship having adventures (it was specifically a crew of mad scientists though – I do remember that).

I went through a phase of being fascinated by steam trains, so I wrote some stories about an engine driver who solves crimes. As Agatha Christie proved, you can’t go wrong mixing trains and crime. Although in my stories I don’t know how much of a role the steam engine had in helping to solve any crimes.

I remember writing something about kingdoms of tiny people living in the garden, and the rockery was like a mountain range to them and the pond was an ocean, and there was a princess who lived among the flowers.

I also went through a phase of being fascinated by sailing ships, so I wrote about the crew of a sailing vessel. The captain was some impossibly stiff upper lipped Victorian who never showed any outward emotion, but always had a gadget for every occassion.

Those are about the clearest things I remember from when I was a child – there was a lot more but it’s too vague and disjointed to describe. I’m pretty sure there would have been something about dinosaurs but I don’t remember any details. So maybe some time I’ll discuss some of the utter nonsense and drivel I wrote as a teen.

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