Writers, take care of yourselves.

In January, I saw tons of posts by writers about the goals they set for themselves this year, all about how 2018 is going to be the year of the writer. That’s great!

But halfway into March, I’m seeing these same writers posting about the sleep they’re losing over these projects… not necessarily in a good way, either. People here are neglecting their own health to meet the goals and deadlines they’ve set for themselves. Please don’t do this.

Whatever’s happening, I promise your project will wait for you. If it needs to be a priority over your project, nobody can be upset at you except for you. Please don’t neglect yourself because of your writing. It should be a source of happiness and excitement for you, not stress.

If your writing is becoming more important than you, I’m asking you as a friend to re-evaluate your goals. Remember the joy and fulfillment you should get out of your writing and hold that feeling close to you. Writeblr, take care of yourselves. You got this. <3

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