A few of my favourite things… Kinder Surprise!

Yes, what these are is an assortment of Kinder Surprise toys.  I assume mostly bought for my younger niece and she left them here and they were all stashed in the MiP box.

If you’ve heard of Kinder Surprise, they’re like a milk chocolate shell inside of which is a yellow capsule thing, as you can on either side, inside of which is a cheap plastic toy that usually require a little assembly… and they are banned in the US of A.  Someone explained to me once that they’re not banned because of a possible choking hazard, but because food manufacturers used to try and con people by doing things like stuffing meat with sawdust to make it look bigger (which in turn made many very sick), and so a bylaw was made forbidding placing a non-edible item inside of an edible one.

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