A few of my favourite things… Eagle Annual

If you don’t know what Eagle was, it was a British childrens comic that originally ran from 1950 – 1969.  It would be nice if I actually had comics that old, but this annual was actually published in 2009 and is a compendium of strips, articles and advertisements from that classic era.

Probably the most successful character to come from its pages was ‘Dan Dare… Pilot of the Future!’, who went on to appear in 2000AD after the Eagle had ended.  If you don’t know who he was, he’s sometimes been described as Biggles in space.  If you don’t know who Biggles was… well, google it.  Why should I have to do all the work?  Dan Dare has been quite influential; in the script for the Dr Who episode ‘The Empty Child’, Captain Jack Harkness is described as having ‘the jawline of Dan Dare; the smile of a bastard…’

Some of the comic strips were intended to be educational and about actual historical figures.  And there were all sorts of articles about technology and hobbies, and astonishing predictions about the future:

I suppose it doesn’t actually specify how many tomorrows we would have to wait for this.

Now those do not look safe.

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