6 tips to writing your first draft


‣ Write how you want the story to begin and end. Just a few sentences that will summarize what changes happen in the novel, talk it over with some friends to have a better idea of the plot.
‣ Write an outline (you don’t have to follow the outline to a T, there will be change ps as you go along)
‣ Don’t go back and edit in the first draft this could make you feel discouraged. It probably won’t be the best but wait until the whole story is down before you rework it.
‣ Place holders can be used if you don’t know information. Researching everything can slow down the process so use a place holder so you know where you need to go back and edit once the first draft is done.
‣ Have daily goals. Whether it’s to write an hour a day or write 1000 words a day daily goals help in the short term.
‣ Have a deadline. I myself have 100 days to write a first draft, I know it will be difficult but having it there will pressure me into writing so it gets completed.

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