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I’ve failed the mathematics test so many times I lost count.

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So there’s a channel on my TV that just shows Christmas themed movies (don’t know if it’s on all year round). I’ve always wondered though – in the universe most these Christmas movies take place in Santa definitely is real, but the adults don’t believe in him. So, how do parents explain all the presents appearing every year?

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TAG GAME – Compare yourself to your character.

Tagged again by @tcstu​ . I’ll do this for Jennifer Airhart from my current WIP, since I feel in some ways she’s the most similar to me (I’ve certainly drawn from some of my experiences while writing her), just not that many. We’re a different sex for one thing.

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Find the Word Tag Game

Tagged by @tcstu with the word ‘soon’. The first instance in my current WIP was in this paragraph:

‘Jennifer laid back, also happy. But the sun had dipped under the horizon about eight minutes ago, and soon what little was left of it’s light would disappear as well.

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Bodacious Battling Bikini Babes – Do they ever make sense?

No, is the short answer. At least not in any of the fantasy settings we usually see them in.

Historically of course there are cultures that went into battle wearing very little, such as Zulu warriors, although they didn’t go into battle completely unprotected – they carried shields (and still do in fact,

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Justice League

So this movie was meh. The main problem I had was the villain wasn’t fleshed out – I mean literally he was fully CGI, but also in terms of writing. A villain in a superhero movie doesn’t have to be complex, but this guy just shows up and people fight him like a video game boss.

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John Schoenherr

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Most Important Writing Tip

Rules do not exist. Take every tip with a grain of salt because writing is not science or math; writing is art. Art is whatever you make it.

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There’s a website called Kittify that
turns your entered text into cat puns. Source

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reblog if you hate the staff telling you what the “best stuff” on tumblr is without your opinion.




A message to the @staff of tumblr from the tumblr community. We do not appreciate you choosing for us what we will see on our dashboards.
We follow and reblog artists because we enjoy their content and wish to share it with others and your “best stuff” feature gets in the way of that.

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