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National Geographic Adult Video, 1990-1991

Waterin’ Holes
Balls Deep
Gay Gardens

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I think today was the first time I’ve ever seen a Robin in my own garden.  Cheeky little blighter too.  There were about three of us and we were able to get very close to it while he just chirped at us, like he was expecting a treat or something just for being a Robin.

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Review: Terrible Old Games You’ve Probably Never Heard Of, by Stuart Ashen

Regrettably this book is
non-fiction.  As utterly preposterous and
nonsensical as it seems, SQIJ! For the ZX Spectrum is an actual thing that
actually happened and manages to beat out even Barbie Dreamhouse Party in sheer

I was introduced to Ashen’s
YouTube channel
quite recently.

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Killer Aqua Bunnies by Coutelier

From left to right: Jennifer Airhart, Kaya Cade, Tenley Tych and Sayuri Oshiro, from the story Jen Air.

After the original band split, Kay and Sayuri are looking for a new bassist and singer, although I’m not sure what they’re looking for is this.  

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Review: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, addendum

I suppose I didn’t review Frankenstein so much as just talk about it’s history.  But then, if you haven’t already seen or heard some version of the story you most probably are just a barely animated corpse.

I should probably mention that Shelley herself wrote two versions of the book;

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The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

However, I am also my own worst enemy.

It’s really annoying trying to be friends with myself.  Having to take myself out places and listen to my own problems all in the hopes of forming an alliance against me. 

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Jen Air: Asterion – Gosforth

Another extract from the sequel to The Little Queen I’m writing.  It’s a slightly different type of story.  Little Queen was sci-fi thriller/horror, whereas this story is more like a dungeon crawl that takes place on an island.  At the beginning, there is this journal entry, and then later on as the protagonists explore the island they slowly learn more about what happened after Gosforth agreed to help Hendel.

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I’m still surprised that people feel so strongly about dinosaurs being birds or having feathers. The evidence seems pretty clear they are and they did. Is it just because it contradicts the books they had as children that showed dinosaurs all scaly? The books I had when I was very young still showed dinos like Allosaurus standing upright in a tripod stance (using their tails as like a third leg). Was there this much fuss when that changed?


I have honestly no idea. Probably though. 

This has gone completely fucking pear shaped

You’re going to have to decapitate m-

I don’t remember it, but I suppose it might have just been that the internet hadn’t taken off yet to allow people who still preferred the old Roo-saurs a platform to make themselves heard. 

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The Cheater



So, got this message in my inbox just now:

‘OMG, I just found out my boyfriend was cheating with a girl named Jess!
Using this new website I just searched the number my boyfriends been
secretly texting and it tells you who the person really is instantly!’

Followed by a link to some find the cheater or something website,

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