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Jen Air: Springheel, Part One

I mentioned a while ago I was going to some short stories and novellas set in the Jen Air universe, so now I’m finally getting around to actually doing it.  Naturally they more or less they just carry on from that story, with Jen, Kay and Ten all now sharing the lighthouse together.

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Windows 10

A few days ago I installed my free Windows 10 upgrade on my computer:


Gotta say, much to my surprise, everything is running quite smoothly so far.  I’ve had no problems with any of my games or apps, all my hardware is working as it should. 

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Kaya Cade by Coutelier

Kaya Cade from Jen Air, now with a jacket and playing guitar… badly.  Frankly, trying to position the thing in her hands just got annoying, but in the week when I get more memory for my PC maybe I’ll do it again with some of the other members of the band,

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I think Tumblr owns my soul.


I mean, did you not read the terms and conditions when you signed up?  It’s several pages in, but:

‘By using our service, you agree that your soul, and the souls of your children for onto the seventh generation, shall become the sole property of Abaddon,

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Tenley Bear by Coutelier

Young Tenley Tych from Jen Air.

before she met the Queen, Ten would have still been very dangerous due
to the training she received from her militant mother.  Now thanks to
Titania’s transformation she has the speed of a Cheetah,

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