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Short Stories

Red Riding Hood vs Fairy Town

I've been going through some old workbooks from when I was in school, when I came upon this gripping legal drama/thriller that I wrote when I was nine years old. I think we'd been told to write a story using fairy tale characters and, well, I wrote this.

Why does Esmeralda suddenly come clean at the end? I have no idea, and if I ever did I've long forgotten. But what I think this story is really about is how we, as a society, are often so quick to jump in and condemn a person for any perceived indiscretion even when not being in full possession of the context or facts. Bear in mind this was written when I was nine years old, a decade before the internet really took off and long before social media, so it's somewhat prophetic, I think. Either that, or it's just the crazy imaginings of a bonkers nine year old. I'll let you decide. Read now...


Various pictures I have produced over the years based on ideas I've had, or that may serve as inspiration in the future. Some fan art as well.

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