• "'I have a plan..."
  • "Pretty, petty, thieves."
  • "Under moonlight."
  • "Amazons."
  • "Strongest girl in the world."



John Coutelier was born in Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK, on the 1st of January, 1981. It was a Thursday, which as the rhyme goes meant he had a long way to go. But lives are not dictated by rhymes and he still lives there, at least for now.

He was born into a large Irish family with five brothers and a lot of cousins, at least on his mother's side. On his father's side he had one aunt who lived by herself, and so most holidays as a child were spent visiting her tenement flat in Glasgow. While the rest of the family occupied themselves with drinking and football, he turned to books. Starting with Roald Dahl and John Christopher, the books he read as a child inspired a lifelong love of storytelling. In his teens he began to read the works of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams, and from there discovered a particular love of fantasy and science fiction, from Verne and Wells, Tolkien and Lewis, Bradbury, Crichton, up to Andy Weir. During in his many hours as a child in libraries he also devoured a lot of non-fiction books covering science and technology, dinosaurs, folklore, myths and legends from around the world.

As child he was also constantly on the hunt for the magic in our world - ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, monsters - he always carried a camera and a notebook in the hope of capturing something. He never did find any of those, but that doesn't mean the universe isn't still just as awe inspiring and wondrous as it always, or nature not capable of astounding and amazing all on its own.

Coutelier's stories are essentially a vehicle to share with others the things he loves, which is most things, really. After dabbling a bit in other forms of art, such as photography and film editing, he found himself always returning to writing as his first great passion. For a while he has written fan fiction, but though that fulfilled his need to write, he had always in the back of his mind been developing his own worlds, characters and ideas, and wanting to share those with the world.

His novel, Jen Air: The Little Queen, came out in 2015. It is semi-autobiographical in a way, as Jen's disillusionment and inability to fit in bear some similarity to his own struggles with having Asperger's Syndrome. But more it just pays homage to a number of the science fiction and horror stories he adores.

John plans to release several stand alone novels as well as sequels to The Little Queen over the next few years.

If you would like to contact JC for any reason, do so at the e-mail address below, or see the contact page.: